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Before you can start your first project with Purple DS, you need a free user account. You can build any number of test apps for free, install them on your device and test them extensively. Only the creation of a live app, for example for publication in the Apple App Store or Google Play, is chargeable.

To create a user account, please register at https://www.purplemanager.com .

After registration you will receive a confirmation email. Please activate your account by clicking the button in the e-mail. If the mail does not arrive, please check your SPAM folder. You can also have the mail sent to you via the Purple DS Manager.

After logging into the manager for the first time, you will be guided through the app wizard and create your first test app in four simple steps.

Next, we recommend downloading the Purple DS Starter Kit ( https://purplemanager.com/#composer ), which includes the Purple DS Composer for creating interactive content and the InDesign plug-in for importing data directly from InDesign®.

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