Release Notes Purple DS Manager (last release 3.1)

Modified on Fri, 24 Jul, 2020 at 9:43 AM

We summarize the key updates for Purlpe DS Manager in a nutshell. You can find more information about updates for app templates etc. here.

If you have additional questions, please get in touch with us!


Download link for app by email: invite test users 
This feature will simplify sharing a download link for any (preview) app to invite test users and administration of invitations and their duration.


Quick Color Editing for Apps: Create A Customised Corporate Design In The Blink Of An Eye

Purple DS Manager contains over 130 individual colour scheme settings for text, buttons, and backgrounds to help you create unique apps featuring your corporate design. A dashboard of 7 primary app elements enables you to quickly and easily define the 130 individual elements. You also still have the option of making changes to the individual elements whenever you choose. More information on quick color editing is available here.

Configuration of Entitlement / User Databases: Flexibility In User Management

In order to link your existing user databases or entitlement servers, we offer the option of using our own entitlement server as well as a range of standard interfaces, such as CDS, Palm Coast and ADOBE DPS®. This enables you to use different servers for your preview and release apps according to your requirements, or to link multiple databases at the same time. Control of the configuration is in your hands via Purple DS Manager.
You also have the opportunity to fully customise the user log-in page of your app on HTML basis. In addition, the new features include entitlement / user databases not only for apps but for the web as well, enabling you to manage different contents in the web kiosk via your entitlements.

Role / Rights Management: Flexibility And Efficiency For Your Content Management

To make it easier for you and your teams to work on apps and publications, we have expanded the existing role categories of “App Admin” and “Editor” to also include “Account Admin”. The “Account Admin” is able to independently manage all rights and adapt them for all roles as necessary for each app or publication. This means it is now possible for one employee to edit a publication that is used in multiple apps, for example.

Adapting Texts In The App Front-end: Easy Internationalisation

Your business may be expanding into new markets or target groups and as a result you may require new languages or wording refinements for your apps. Release 3.0 offers you the option to make changes to the language or content of all texts in the app front-end, such as buttons or menus, via simple Excel spreadsheets. All of these changes can be made without any programming knowledge. “Kiosk”, “Archive”, “Newsstand” or even simply “Home” - the names of the buttons and menus are entirely up to you.

Your Individual App Menu: Offer Your Customers A Consistent Look & Feel

The design of burger icons and menu entries is now in your hands and can be changed according to your individual corporate design. For example, by using the icons from your corporate website in your app, you will increase your brand recognition and customer loyalty. This feature allows you to make quick and dynamic changes or additions to sub-entries in the app menu without needing to reload the app into stores. The changes to the app will be directly visible to your users.


The Purple DS Manager presents itself in a new user-friendly design. Furthermore, a range of new features is available that are easily configurable with the Purple S Manager.



  • In the new release, the creation of apps has been made much more intuitive and faster with the app wizard
  • Now you get to your first app in only 4 comprehensive steps

For Android & iOS

Entitlement & Login Options  

  • New standard interface for entitlement server linkage
  • Issues can be secured/locked using a log-in option
  • Log-in activation can be set-up for a single or several issues (great flexibility)
  • Login can be initiated directly when app is started or optionally in the app using the newsstand screen.
  • After logout (and a respective info pop-up) all secured content will be deleted from the device (including bookmarks)

Table of Content & Menu Icons 

  • Table of Content (TOC) and menu icons can now be hidden in all issues.
  • Users can now include own icons and directly link those with the TOC or app menu using URLs.

CMS-to-App & Continuous Publishing

  • Continuous publishing with the new Purple DS newsfeed. This can also be combined in an app with the Purple DS Newsstand.
  • New standard interface to link CMS systems directly to Purple DS
  • New Purple Templating Engine for efficient creation of new articles. These can also be edited later with Purple DS Composer

Unification of print subscription code and coupons

  • Within the apps there is now only one area for inputting activation codes – the same area as for print subscription codes and coupons
  • The entry of several codes is possible
  • As before, coupons can still be created in Purple DS Manager

Templating of CMS content

  • A connection with CMS systems is possible via a standard Purple interface, enabling templating directly from the system. This allows the creation of a template with an IT-driven process chain

Additionally for Android:

  • The performance of the PDF display has been significantly enhanced
  • The display of the entire content is possible by switching off the Action bar and the accompanying Status bar (full content)

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