Use the text editor to create the list of "regions" and their tags an an .xml file

Modified on Mon, 25 Jun, 2018 at 3:06 PM

The Purple DS Manager requires a file that lists the selectable regions in order to create the categories within the app. Additionally, this also allows you to "tag"  (= label) the alias pages (regional / category pages) which assigns each of them to the selected region / category. To continue with our example, this allows the Manager to map to and display the "North" pages within the main issue when the category of "North" is selected by the user.

1. Download the  Dynamic Content  from your app. If you do not have any Dynamic Content uploaded to your app, create a folder called Default

2. Open the text editor and copy the following template ( Note:  Be careful not to leave any space at the beginning)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

        <title>Select region:</title>
<menuTitle>Change region</menuTitle>
        <description> Test regions </description>

    <category identifier="general" tags="general">
        <title> General </title>

    <category identifier="no" tags="no">
        <title> North </title>

    <category identifier="west" tags="west">
        <title> West </title>

    <category identifier="east" tags="east">
        <title> East </title>

Note:   You can adjust the black text within the quotes to suit your regions or categories. So, there's no blank spaces or special characters.

Additional entries should always be entered in the following syntax:

  <category identifier="east" tags="east" >
        <title> East </title>

3. Save this file as "categories.xml" and place it in the default folder created in step 1

4. Compress the Default folder and upload to the Dynamic Content to the Manager

Note: If you are using a dual structure for iOS and Android or for multiple languages, the file categories.xml must be maintained separately in all "default" folders

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