Purple DS Suite Overview

Modified on Wed, 3 Jan, 2018 at 3:49 PM

With Purple DS® Publishing Suite, you can quickly create your own apps and interactive content: Purple DS® Publishing Suite offers everything you need to create, manage, and publish high-quality, mobile content.

Our three key products are fully interconnected with each other and offer a seamless user experience for maximum freedom and creativity:

Purple DS® Composer

Purple DS® Composer is our innovative and yet easy-to-use environment that lets you create interactive and animated content. Convert your existing content into digitally optimized and attractive formats, or just create new, inspiring, native content. Everything is possible: from simple to sophisticated animations with a fully integrated keyframe amination tool.

Purple DS® Templating Client

Purple DS® Templating Client is our revolutionary tool that lets you effortlessly convert InDesign® print layouts into mobile-optimized layouts for tablets and phones. Furthermore, the Templating Client structures your InDesign® content during the transformation. Once structured, the content can be re-used as XML file in any third-party system.

Purple DS® Manager

Purple DS® Manager is our intuitive web management tool that lets you create native apps and manage content, users, payments, advertising and much more. Create single-issue, newsstand, or newsfeed apps in only four steps. If you are using existing systems for user management, ad servers, or analysis tools, they can be fully integrated.

Purple DS® workflows

With Purple DS®, you can use a multitude of production processes: from manual, pixel-accurate creation to full-automatic production directly from your CMS or digital asset management system. All workflows are designed to create efficient, superb content.

To offer you maximum flexibility, all our workflows can be combined with each other.

Purple DS® Pixel Perfect Workflow

Create mobile content using Purple DS Composer. Either you import your project directly into the composer or you import existing content from InDesign or other sources.

This workflow offers personalized design options with the highest quality standards. More information on the Pixel Perfect workflow

Purple DS® Semi-automated Workflow

Purple DS Templating Client and Purple DS templates make it easy and efficient to convert InDesign (print layouts) to mobile-optimized layouts for phones and tablets. More information on the semi-automated workflow.

Purple DS® Automated Workflow

Connect CMS or DAM systems directly to Purple More information on the automated workflow.

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