Create Android Push (Firebase Project)

Modified on Thu, 11 Jan, 2018 at 4:15 PM

To enable push messaging in your Android app, you need a project in Firebase (Google Messaging Service Platform). Firebase (FCM) allows you to send messages to users who have your app installed. For this, you will need a Sender ID and a Server key which are then stored in the Purple DS Manager.

Set up a Firebase project

Basically you need a Google account, eg .

Please open the following link to Firebase Console .

1. Add a new Firebase project. (see images below)

2. You can choose a new project to manage the data of the connected app.

3. Choose your country / region.

4. Click "Create Project". This might take a short time. When finished it will show you the following overview.

5. In order to connect your app with this platform, click "Add Firebase to your Android app".

6. "Register app": Enter the package name of your app (You can find it in the Google Developer Console.) You do not have to enter anything into the optional fields. 

7. Click "Register app" to save the data and proceed. 

8. "Download config file": Click " Download google-services.json ". This file contains "Sender ID" and "Google App ID". You want it for Purple DS Manager. 

9. Click "Continue". 

10. "Add Firebase SDK": You do not need these instructions. So you just click "Finish". 

11. You will find the Server key when you click the gear icon in top left area. 

12. This will open a menu. Choose "Project settings". 

13. Change to the "cloud messaging" tab to find the server key.

14. Copy the Server key to your clipboard or save it to text document. You want it for Purple DS Manager. 

Finally, you have Firebase with your app in Purple DS Manager. Please see  
this article  for the instructions.

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