Release Notes Purple DS 3.2

Modified on Fri, 24 Jul, 2020 at 9:23 AM

Scrollytelling available! 

This new version enables you to use the powerful feature “SCROLLYTELLING”. More information HERE.

For support on this feature please contact us.

To use this and any other feature, please download the most recent version of the Purple DS® Composer from the download section in the Purple DS® Composer (3.0.15-238) and also use the latest App Build Template 3.2 in Purple DS® Manager.  



Purple DS® Manager


Newsstand/library Features

Image upload possible for empty newsstand/library: This is possible for settings „My issues“ and „All issues“. The image can be uploaded in the Purple DS® Manager. (Newsstand Design/General/Advanced settings/Kiosk: 08.Background image for empty newsstand, Size minimum 2184 x 2184).

Optimized Preview Thumbs: The Preview Thumbnail area is automatically scaled to the width-to-height ratio of the thumbnail; in landscape with fixed height, in portrait with fixed width.

Teaser tile can be turned off: Using this option, all issues will be displayed in equal size. This can be configured in the Purple DS® Manager (Newsstand Design/General/Advanced settings/Kiosk: 07.Highlight newest issue = default setting).


App menu

Customizing the app menu: menu items can be visible or not depending on user rights. E.g. user that are logged in may see more menu items than others.

Menu item „Recent issue“ removed. Thus, newsstand and newschannel are equal. The issues in the newsstand are still opened where they have been opened last.

NOTE! Feedback email configuration: Feedback emails can be configured for iOS and Android. If you migrate to app build template 3.2 you need to adapt the existing emails, otherwise they will be put back to „default“. Further details: here.


Table of Content (TOC) 

Adaptive TOC with two alternative layouts. There is a choice between small and large thumbnails. Thus, the TOC can be altered to perfectly fit the number of indices. (Content/Publication/Edit/TOC-style Tablet or Phone)

Newschannel/Newsfeed Features

Articles with several pages available. Herewith the following  commands can be used: Jump-to-page/Jump-to-event, Action URLs into issues in the newsstand, „exclude from paging“, “Toggle TOC” via Action URL.

Supported Tracking-Events

Please note that the new app build template will not further support two very detailed page analytics (that have only been used sporadically). The events can simply remain in the configuration settings. There will be no error message but also no evaluation.




An overview of all supported events can be found here.

Purple DS® Composer

Telephone-Link Feature

You can directly dial a telephone number within the app. Go to Events/Jump to Scene and then choose “Action URL”. You can then enter the phone number by adding tel:

Example: tel:+4930236258950

Action URLs

Currently the Purple DS® Composer offers three options for action URLs: “Open URL”, “Open Action URL” and “Open Web-Link”.

The command “Open URL” will still be supported but will be taken from the list in the medium-term. Please use the event “Open Web-URL” for web links and the event “Open Action URL” for action URLs. The latter one shall also be used to trigger tel: and mailto:. Following these instructions an optimal execution will be assured.

In-App Browser Functionality

 The in-app-browser is now a lot more flexible with regards to dynamic websites (dynamic content). Possible settings include the choice if the in-app-browser will be opened with/without TitleBar or Navigation. This may be useful to utilize the full display size. Furthermore you can choose whether the in-app browser opens on top of the current view (=overlay) or instead of the current view. “Overlay” enables easy return to your app content. (Events/Open Web URL)

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