Release Notes Purple DS 3.3

Modified on Fri, 24 Jul, 2020 at 9:23 AM

Better features for better insights!

New features available for our Purple DS® Manager and Purple DS® Composer. To use these new features, please ensure that you use the most recent version of Purple DS® Composer (3.1) - available in the download section in Purple DS® Manager - and also the latest app build template (3.3) in Purple DS® Manager.

Further information can be found here


Purple DS® Composer – new version 3.1

  • General improvements: The new Composer offers optimizations in particular with regards to large data storage and general performance.
  • Videos „under control“: It is now possible to configure video display in a way that they are running in “Autoplay” by default but only start when they are visible on screen.
    • For this, „Autoplay“ and „Pause when off-screen“ need to be activated in the Composer (-> Video Widget / AV Settings / activate „Pause when off-screen“)
    • This feature is only supported when videos are not displayed full screen.
  • Simplified app testing: you can now also test your web view in the native preview of Purple DS Composer – no app sync needed

Purple DS® Manager – new App Build Template 3.3

  • Improved analytics for your customer support team - status of purchase verifiable for each device:
    • App Admins are able to review the status of each purchase based on the specific Device ID (for each individual customer)
    • The Device ID can be requested automatically with each feedback email sent by a customer (settings via dynamic content in the app menu)
    • Customer Support can verify directly within Purple DS Manager whether the customer has purchased the app and if the subscription is active (Side menu / „Purchases“)
  • Optimised promotional banner in newsstand:
    • A promotional banner in your newsstand view can now be uploaded alternatively as a HTML project. Purple DS Manager converts this automatically into a Purple DS file (PKAR) with an embedded web view.
    • The .zip file needs to include index.html as well as all locally referred assets like images and CSS
  • Customisation of Purple DS Web Newsstand: The web newsstand can now be adapted according to your CI/CD using CSS styling – this includes the customisation of the image displayed when loading the issues.  
  • Optimisation web views (Purple DS Web Newsstand): Purple DS web views now possess a Persistent Web Storage which enables saving the latest settings such as day/night mode, recent scores or login status.

Considerable analytics options: 

  • Adobe Analytics can be integrated as new provider (besides App Boy, Flurry, Adjust, Google Analytics)
  • Upload a config file into Purple DS Manager; this config file can be downloaded from the Adobe Analytics Account for the respective app
  • See -> Analytics / Basic Settings / „Enable Adobe Analytics Tracking“ (General or platform specific settings)
  • Directly below the activation box, the configuration file can be uploaded
  • Web Newsstand Analytics: Google Analytics can now also be integrated into web newsstand.
  • Campaign and Attribution Tracking: For Google Analytics and Adjust, Campaign and Attribution Tracking are available. This function allows you to analyse in great detail the user flow, i.e. the entry point for using or downloading the app and most read articles. This offers a deep understanding which marketing channels are the most efficient and which topics are of most interest, e.g. by using deep links.


Android-specific optimisations: 

  • Deactivation of Bookmark Icon: The bookmark icon can now be deactivated (-> App Design / Android / Expert settings / Bookmark Button (activate or deactivate))
  • Improved loading of preview thumbnails for PDF: Extensive improvements for rendering and loading behaviour
  • Improved compatibility with music services such as Spotify – these can now easily run in the background without interruption

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