Release Notes Purple DS 3.10

Modified on Fri, 24 Jul 2020 at 09:27 AM

App Browser improvements and new HTML Onboarding for better user experience

The app build template 3.10 in Purple DS Manager offers all necessary updates regarding the implementation of the new data protection regulation in place. In addition, it provides further integration with the key mobile analytics tool Firebase.
Here we have summarized the most important updates of the Purple DS Suite.

  • App Browser improvements: the status bar can now be enforced while presenting dynamic HTML-content and thus is visible in the in-app browser. For central dynamic HTML-content, e.g. a custom HTML-storefront,  users can have their battery status or clock in view. To enable the status bar the Action-URL for presenting dynamic content now has the optional parameter “force_status_bar” that has to be set to “true”. (Also check here for more information   - purple://app/resource/dynamic/)
  • Firebase Crashlytics integration: This tool allows to log all crashes in a single source. It collects and summarizes all relevant data, e.g. device model and crash type, to be able to solve any issues faster. Users can turn off Firebase Analytics & Crashlytics on their device. Google establishes Firebase as its proprietary mobile analytics tracking tool.
    Path: Push/Analytics / Analytics / Firebase Crashlytics / Enable Firebase Crashlytics
  • Firebase Analytics: All data can also be collected and analysed using the traditional Google Analytics account which allows also to compare web to mobile data directly.  Please note as well, that the same configuration file from Firebase is used for PUSH and for ANALYTICS alike. 
    Path: Push/Analytics / Firebase Configuration 
  • HTML Onboarding: You can now include a tutorial on how to use the app when a user opens the app for the first time. This HTML-based onboarding can include explanatory text, images and icons. All settings are managed within the dynamic content. You can also include it in the menu so users can consult the onboarding tutorial at any time. Path: Basic Settings / HTML Onboarding / Enable HTML Onboarding (+ optionally include your custom dynamic content). The standard template will be available to you within the standard dynamic resources. You can download the SPRYLAB App if you want to have an idea about onboarding options. SPRYLAB App Download:  iOS   I  Android  

To activate these new features, please ensure you use the most recent App Build Template “Standard 3.10” in the Purple DS® Manager.  
Further information can be found here in here.

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