02. Connecting Firebase with an iOS App

Modified on Wed, 14 Apr, 2021 at 6:10 PM

General Information

In order to use Firebase services such as Cloud Messaging, In-App Messaging, Analytics or Crashlytics you need to connect your Purple DS iOS App to the Firebase Console.

A Firebase project is required to use these services. 

If you want us to do the Firebase connection for you, there are 2 ways to do this: 

  1. You create a Firebase project yourself and give us the permission to edit it for you.
  2. We create a project and hand it over to you after the integration.

Please let us know which procedure you prefer.

The following step by step instructions will help you to connect your iOS Apps with Firebase.

Before getting started, please note the requirements, since iOS Apps require several certificates and profile files.


Assets from your Apple Developer account: 

  • P12 Distribution certificate
  • Mobile provisioning profile
  • APN Auth-Key and Key-ID
  • Team-ID

Assets from App Store Connect

  • App Store ID

Assets from Purple Manager

  • Package Name of your app (to be used as iOS-Bundle-ID)

If you don't have prepared these assets, you can find the appropriate instructions to create them in the App Submit iOS folder.


To connect your Firebase-Project with your iOS-APP, you'll need to complete the following steps. 

Start by logging into your Firebase account. 

01. Click the gear symbol and open the project settings

02. Click the on the iOS icon on the tile "Your Apps"

03. Add the iOS-Bundle-ID of your app (App Package Name in Purple DS). Adding your App Nickname and your App-Store-ID is optional at this point


04. Please skip the next few steps by clicking "Continue" or "Skip" until your Project has been created

05. Now, please click the Cloud Messaging Tab

06. Upload your APN Auth Key and enter the Key-ID and Team-ID

Note : If you do not yet have an APN Auth key, you will find instructions on how to create it in this article.

Key ID

After creating a Key in the Apple Developer Portal, the Key-ID is shown in the Key Details View


Your Team-ID can be found in the upper right corner of the Apple Developer Portal

07. After adding the Auth Key, you can download the GoogleService-info.plist file in the General tab of the project settings 

Activate Firebase and Push in Purple


To activate in the Purple DS Manager please go to the Consent /Push / Analytics section

In the Firebase configuration section please activate all checkboxes and upload the GoogleService-Info.plist from Firebase. 

In the section Manager Push / iOS please activate the Manager Push and the Push registration at App Start.

Your app is now configured for push.

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