Release Notes Purple DS 5.0

Modified on Wed, 16 Oct, 2019 at 5:32 PM

Template 5.0

Android Support: 5.0 (Lollipop) - 10.0 (Q)

iOS Support: iOS 10 - iOS 13

New Features

Progressive Loading

With Progressive Loading, outputs can be viewed within seconds. There is no need to wait for the full download. 

Active downloads, for which the version in the manager changes, are automatically restarted with the new version under Android with a local kiosk sync.

If you are interested in this premium feature please contact us!


The UpdateStorefront-Listener is now called in additional cases. Specifically, the listener is now called in the entity of the login or logout. LOGIN or LOGOUT is passed as type.


The JavaScript API has been extended by two more methods to change the playback speed in the range 0.5 to 2.0.

Removal of deprecated Purple DS Modules

Support for Google Analytics in apps removed

Google Analytics for Apps will no longer be supported by Google from October (see announcement). Integration is therefore removed from this release. As an alternative, Google Analytics for Firebase is recommended. Further information about the conversion of Purple Apps to Firebase can be found here.

Support for InfoOnline-SDK (IVW) removed

Removed Properties:


Support for Localization removed

Support for Single Issue-Apps removed

The scarcely used feature to publish apps with only one output is no longer available with this release. Apps can achieve similar behavior with a custom HTML storefront.

Composer Connect removed

The function which links the Purple DS Apps directly to the Purple DS Manager and the Purple DS Composer via the App menu is switched off. Now only the installation of output via the Purple Manager is supported.


Support for iOS 13 and iPadOS

iOS Apps are now officially supported on iOS 13 and iPadOS.

Introduction of Launchscreen Storyboards 

From April 2020, launch screen storyboards will be mandatory for submitting apps. Launchscreen storyboards are also necessary so that apps no longer run in compatibility mode, but are displayed in native resolution of the device (e.g. iPad PRO).


Support for Android 10

Android apps are now officially supported on Android 10. 

Support for Android 4.4 removed

With this release, Android apps can only be installed on Android 5.0 and higher. 

Switch to official Play Store Billing Library

The use of the official Play Store Billing library is now required by Google. All existing apps must use this library by May 2021. This release includes version 2.0.

Supported 3rd Party SDK-Versions

Android Version
iOS Version
Firebase Analytics17.
Firebase Messaging19.
Firebase In-App Messaging18.
Adobe Mobile4.
Appboy / Braze3.
Facebook SDK
AWS Pinpoint2.
Buzz SDK3.
Play Store Billing Library2.0.3/

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