02. Create an Apple Developer Account

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Various certificates are required to create and publish iOS apps. They are used to legitimize before publishing an app. To create these certificates, a paid Apple Developer Account ($99 per year) is required. 

In addition, you need at least one iOS device to participate in the Apple Developer Program. This device must be added to your Apple ID as "trusted". You can use a Mac (01) or alternatively for example an iPhone (02).

If you have already completed this step, you can jump directly to step 03 Registration in the Apple Developer Program.


  • Login: Apple-ID, iOS device (Mac, iPad, iPhone), probably admin access for the device 
  • Signup for Apple Developer Programm: D-U-N-S number for your company, method of payment (e.g. credit card)

01. Add a Mac as a trusted device

Open the system preferences of your Mac and select the iCloud.

02. Login with the Apple ID access data

Now you have to login with your Apple ID credentials and add a phone number to verify your login.

Next, you will receive a confirmation code on your mobile phone. Enter this code and the Apple ID password in the iCloud window. You will need to sign in again with your Apple ID.

Please check the Find my Mac option, click the Next button and then click Allow

To save this setting, you must log in as the administrator of your Mac and click the Allow button.

02. Add iPhone as a trusted device

Go to your iPhone settings, select Sign in on your phone and sign in with your Apple ID.

Now please agree to the terms and conditions, go back to the main settings and select two-factor authentication. 

Then you need to verify your Apple ID. Click Next in Verification Mode and answer the security questions you set during Apple ID setup.

The next step is to add a phone number. This is necessary to verify the two-factor authentication via SMS code. As a last step, please log in again with your Apple ID.

03. Register for the Apple Developer Program

To publish your apps to the store, the iOS Enrollment for the Apple App Store is required. 

After logging in with your Apple ID, please click on Join Apple Developer Program in the lower right corner of the welcome area of the Developer Portal.

04. Registration of a business

Every company needs a so-called D-U-N-S number. Please fill out the form on the page

If you do not yet have a D-U-N-S number, you can request one here. It may take several weeks to send it to you, so please remember to register early. 

After receiving the D-U-N-S number, please select the appropriate option from the form:

  • App-owner or 
  • authorized co-worker 

As Entity Type please select Company / Organization from the pull-down menu. The next step is to fill out the form under Organization Information. 

After entering the information, please check the given data and then click on Next

You will then be shown your Registration ID and an Apple representative will contact you to verify your information.

05. Costs and choice of payment method

The use of the Apple Developer Account costs 99 US dollars annually.

With the payment process the registration of the Developer Account is completed. Please note that a valid credit card is required for a successful payment.

As a last step you will be sent a link to complete the registration

06. iTunes Connect invitation

If the payment has been successfully completed, you have the following options:

  • You can perform the submit of your app(s) independently
  • You can let us do the submission for you

If you want to do the submit yourself, you can read here which next steps are necessary

If Sprylab will do the submit for you, an invitation from AppStore Connect must be sent to us in advance so that we can obtain the necessary rights to submit your app to the store. 

Log in to AppStoreConnect and select the item "Users and access rights".

Click on the + button 

and fill in the now appearing form with the data. 

First name: SPRYLAB

Last name: SPRYLAB

E-Mail: support@sprylab.com

Roles: Please choose App Manager and developer here.

Resources for developers: Please select the checkbox Access to certificates, IDs and profiles and then click on the Invite button .

After we have confirmed the invitation, we can now do the submit for you!

If you would like to do the submit yourself, you can follow the necessary steps here

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