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Modified on Thu, 16 Sep 2021 at 04:56 PM

General Information

For Purple DS apps it is easily possible, to display the app's main menu in the users' device language.


The app menu can be edited within the dynamic content folders of your app. After downloading the zip file from the dynamic content sectio in the Purple DS Manager you will find the file app_menu.xml on the top level within the unzipped default-folder. 

We recommend editing this file with a more advanced editor like Atom or Visual Studio Code


Let's take a look at one of the menu entires of the app menu. If you have no experience editing this file please read this article first.

For the Bookmark Add Entry we want to integrate an english and french version (standard is german)

<navigationNode targetURL="purple://app/bookmarks/open">




The only thing that is important for a multilingual menu here is the tag "title". In this segment, another title entry can be added using the country code and the value "locale".

If you would like to offer English and French versions now, the following entries are required: 

  • The two letter language codes, in our case "en" and "fr"
  • The translated words for the titles ( Bookmarks and Signets )

Your result should look like this

<navigationNode targetURL="purple://app/bookmarks/open">


    <title locale="en">Bookmarks</title>

    <title locale="fr">Signets</title>



By applying the same principle, you can set up all menu items in multiple languages.

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