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Purple DS Apps offer a variety of trackable events. To each of these events so-called parameters can be assigned, which are then also transmitted to Firebase.

We'll take the event kiosk_issue_downloaded as an example. I can assign the parameter issue_name to this event. By doing this, I can chose to display the names of the downloaded issues in Firebase later.

More detailed information on how to configure the tracking correctly can be found in the following article.


After configuring your tracking correctly and connecting your app to Firebase, it is important to activate the parameters for the respective event, as this is not happening by itself automatically.

First log in to the Firebase console, open your project and go to the events view of the Analytics section.

To activate parameters for an event, please click on the three dots in the line of the corresponding event and then click on "edit Parameter reporting".

Now a pop up opens with a range of parameters that have not been assigned so far (1) and a range on the right with parameters assigned to the event (2).

If you now select a parameter in the left column, it will be moved to the right into area 2 and you have to select whether it is text or numbers. Usually parameters are type text.  Hint: The suffix "id" can often be an indicator for the type number, as for example the in parameter "publication_id".

Once you've added the parameter, you will see a small black arrow to the left of the event name, which you can unfold to show the parameter settings.

From now on, clicking the event name, will open the detail view, where the parameters are listed and can be evaluated in Analytics if necessary.

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