Release Notes Purple DS 6.2

Modified on Thu, 3 Dec, 2020 at 3:38 PM

Template 6.2

Android Support: 5.0 (Lollipop) - 11.0 (Q)

iOS Support: iOS 11 - iOS 14

New Features: 

1. General

Catalog API: New JavaScript API for creating HTML storefronts in apps with article based content or a large number of published issues

The new Catalog API is a first step towards apps that only use HTML storefronts. It is the basis for modern HTML storefronts with complex queries and filtering capabilities, so when activated in Purple Manager old native kiosk UIs are disabled. Activation affects the availability of tracking events and action URLs.

The Catalog API optimises the synchronisation of content, especially for apps where a large number of issues or single articles are published.  

Change in the way apps load the tracking configuration

The tracking-config of an app is no longer merged with the internal default configuration. As soon as a tracking-config file is available in the dynamic resources, only that file will be used. 

If the file cannot be loaded, no tracking config is used and no data is sent to the tracking services. This gives you the security that tracking data is only transmitted if you chose this configuration.

I addition, the merging of the event configurations has been adjusted. An event configuration now replaces all parameters instead of merging them with the default configuration.

Support of Sourcepoint CMP

Sourcepoint CMP is now available as a Consent Management Platform. With this we offer you a solution to meet the requirements of various data protection guidelines such as the DSGVO and to obtain the users' consent to the use of tracking and analysis data. 

Sourcepoint CMP is available from Build Template 6.2 and can be activated in the Purple DS Manager. To use it you need an additional Sourcepoint account.

More information can be found in this article.

Support of Custom Deep-Link Schemes

You can now define your own scheme for deep links. This allows the migration of an existing deep link schema and e.g. allows to specify a valid scheme for apps with bundle IDs containing a "_" character.

Extension of the media JavaScript API with information about the buffer

The media JavaScript API now provides information about the current buffer fill level. This means that buffering is displayed by default for media files in read mode.  

Progressive loading is now the default behavior

Progressive loading is now set by default. With this, changes have also been made to the app's behavior when opening issues. It is now possible to open any unlocked issue without prior download. The necessary data is loaded on-the-fly. 

Downloads now also continue automatically on the mobile internet

Downloads are no longer paused when the device is only connected to mobile Internet There is no difference between active and inactive Wifi.

Better control of how issues are displayed using the JavaScript API

It can now be configured whether the title bar is displayed and whether the output is opened modal (without app menu).

2. HTML Storefront Development:

Alert or Prompt-dialogs in Webview now show the app name as title

Instead of the URL of the webview, the app name is now always displayed.

JavaScript-API: New API for triggering native sharing

It is now possible to share a text and URL from HTML content to other apps via the native sharing mechanism.

JavaScript-API: New API for triggering action URLs

The app JavaScript API has been extended with a new method performActionUrl, which can be used to trigger action URLs.

JavaScript API: New API for opening files from content 

The issue JavaScript API was extended by a new method openFile. This method can now be used to open files such as PDFs from the content. The function corresponds to the OpenFile action in storytelling content.

JavaScript API: New API for managing bookmarks 

There is now a dedicated API to create, list and delete bookmarks.

3. Supported 3rd Party SDK-Versions

Android Version
iOS Version
Firebase Analytics17. (6.9.0)
Firebase Messaging20. (~> 4.7.1)
Firebase In-App Messaging19. (~> 0.24.0)
Firebase Crashlytics17. (~> 4.6.2)
Adobe Mobile4.
Appboy / Braze9.
AT Internet2.
Facebook SDK
AWS Pinpoint2.
Buzz SDK3.
SourcePoint CMP5.
Play Store Billing Library3.0.0/

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