Consent Management with Sourcepoint CMP

Modified on Tue, 5 Jan, 2021 at 10:03 AM

General Information

With our App Build Template 6.2 Standard we integrated Sourcepoint CMP as a Consent Management Platform. 

Sourcepoint CMP allows to obtain the users' consent to use data for tracking and analysis and so you can operate apps in compliance with data privacy protection regulations such as the GDPR.


Sourcepoint CMP is supported by Purple Apps built with:

  • Build Template 5.2.13 for Android or iOS Template 5.2.14 and higher
  • Build Template 6.2 Standard

In addition to the appropriate App version you'll need to create a Sourcepoint account here :

Important: A Basic Account is not sufficient for use in an App. Please discuss the possibilities of using an Enterprise Account directly with Sourcepoint.


You can enable Sourcepoint CMP by completing the following steps in the Purple DS Manager: 

  1. In the App Overview, click on the three items and select the menu item Content/Push/Analytics

  2. On the following page you will find the entry 01. Consent Management Platform in the section Consent Management > General > Basic Settings There you select Sourcepoint from the dropdown menu.

  3. Now please enter the data in the fields. You will find the required information in your SourcePoint account. The SourcePoint Account ID (01.) can be set globally for all platforms in the General section.

  4. The fields 02. to 04. must be filled out separately for the platforms iOS and Android. Just scroll down a little to get to the basic settings for iOS and Android. You can also obtain the required data from Sourcepoint.

  5. Enter the Vendor-IDs of the SDKs you use. You will receive these when you set up the tracking/analysis service in the Sourcepoint web interface. Currently there are 9 Vendor-ID fields available. If new SDKs are integrated, fields for additional vendor-IDs will be added here.

  6. Important: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Save to save your changes. Afterwards the app must be re-built to apply these changes. If your app has already been submitted, you will have to submit again.

Frequently asked questions

Are there necessary cookies in Purple DS Apps and how are they configured? 

To use Puple DS App the user must accept cookies from Amazon AWS and Cloudflare. These must be configured in the sourcepoint backend. Necessary cookies are not managed by the Purple Manager as they cannot be turned off.

When is the Sourcepoint Pop-Up displayed?

The Sourcepoint Pop-Up is displayed every time a Purple DS App is newly installed. It also opens at app startup if you have made changes in the sourcepoint backend. It is not shown again after a pure app update. 

How can users manage their settings?

We have set up an app menu link users can tap to manage their settings. 

This link can be integrated via the dynamic content in the app menu:

  • purple://app/consent/privacy_manager/open

Do all Firebase Services (Analytics, Crashlytics, Messaging etc.) need separate Vendors in the SourcePoint Backend?


No. The Firebase SDK as a vendor covers all Firebase Services, so only one Vendor needs to be configured. In the user doesn't consent to firebase, no Crashlytics Data will be transmitted.

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