For what kind of topics should I use support tickets?

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Support tickets are primarily intended for existing Purple DS customers whose projects are already in operation. Usually, you already have a support contract with us and are in touch with our Customer Success Team. 

The goal of this article is to help you make the  of our support services.  

When you create a support ticket, we distinguish between two possible subject areas:

01. technical support, divided into error messages and application questions.

02. feature support, used to enquire about new functions or adjustments.

01. technical support

For technical support we distinguish between tickets with error reports (free of charge) and tickets with application questions (billable).

Error reports

These tickets are created when a Purple DS service is not working (App, Purple DS Manager, Purple DS HUB etc.). No costs are associated with these tickets, that indicate an error in the software (bugs).


  • An app crashes while downloading an issue
  • Purple DS Manager is not accessible

Application questions

You can create tickets for application questions if, for example, help is required with the operation of a service in "daily business". These tickets are not used to request extensions or to agree on a project. These tickets are usually liable for costs.


  • I have adjusted the app menu and now it is no longer visible.
  • I have removed an issue, how do I get it back?
  • I need help creating a CSV import file.

Required information for technical support tickets:

In order to ensure a quick processing of the ticket, we need as much information and detailed descriptions of the error as possible.

The following points are mandatory for processing your request:

01. Which Purple DS service is affected? 

  • App
  • Purple DS Manager
  • Purple DS HUB
  • Another service

02. A detailed error description

  • Reproduction steps (preferably a step-by-step description leading to the behaviour)
  • Screenshots or videos of the behaviour

03. Specification of the affected platform and device

  • For apps, please specify iOS and/or Android and which devices are affected (iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.).
  • For Purple DS Manager or Purple DS HUB issues, usually the browser used and its version number.

04. sending the device information (device ID, app version, build version).

  • You can retrieve the device information using our App Details page, which you should urgently store in the app menu of your app.

05. crash data

  • If available, please send us your Firebase Crashlytics logfiles or access to the Firebase project.

02. Feature support

Feature support applies if you would like to order or have an estimate made for an extension to your service that is not yet part of Purple DS. It is important to distinguish this from the application questions of technical support.


  • I'd like to change the entries in the App Menu ->  application question
  • I'd like to have an issue re-processed -> application question
  • I'd like to have an individual styling for my app storefront -> feature support
  • I need a specific tracking service implemented ->  feature support

Required information for feature support tickets:

In order for us to be able to provide you with a quick and detailed estimate of the ticket, we need as much information and as detailed descriptions as possible.

01. What do you want to request?

  • Which Purple DS component should be adapted?
  • Is it a new service or a new feature?

02. By when should it be completed?

  • Please specify a desired completion date
  • Please also indicate if the completion is linked to an important external date (website relaunch etc.)

03. Provide information and detailed descriptions

  • Are there interface descriptions?
  • Are there style guides for graphical adaptations?
  • Is there an accurate process description?

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