How can I submit a support ticket?

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1. General Information

You can submit a support ticket at any time on:  

Support tickets are the only way to reach our support team, as they have some major benefits:

  • Tickets reach the entire CS team, so that we can also support you if, your usual contact person is not available at the moment. 
  • You can keep track of the progress of your tickets, if you register on our Helpdesk portal.

This article is focussed on reporting an issue or a problem - you can also use a support ticket for other topics like feature requests or  questions. More about the different kinds of requests can be found here

2. Instructions

Creating a support ticket

Use the following steps to create a support ticket: 

  1. Visit our Purple DS helpdesk in your browser at:
  2. If you are already registered, please log in with your access data at the Login.
  3. On the home page, click on New support ticket, below the search box.

  4. Enter the information in the text fields. Please describe the reason for your request as accurately as possible and provide complete data to identify your Purple product and project.

    Note: Tickets that are missing important information can not be processed.

    Required information:

    Please provide the following information in the description box:
    • Description of the problem:
      What happens when and what should be happening instead?
      Please Note: "It doesn't work" is not enough for us to start an analysis.

    • Which app or tool is affected? 
    • If applicable: Which articles or issues are affected? 
    • When did you notice the problem?
    • How often does it occur? /How many users reported this?
    • Can the problem be reproduced?
      If so, what are the exact steps to do this?
    • What steps have you already taken yourself to solve the problem?

      Additionally required for Apps
      • Which app version is affected?  e.g.  Preview Version 1.23 / Release Version 1.4
      • Which platforms are affected: iOS or Android - Tablet or Phone?
      • Device IDs of the affected devices? (Instructions on how to find this: here).
      • Crash Data: If available, please send us your Firebase Crashlytics logfiles or grant access to the Firebase project.

  5. If necessary, you can attach a file to the ticket, for example a screenshot. To do this, click + Attach a file.
  6. Click in the checkbox of the Capcha (I'm not a robot) and send your ticket to us by clicking Submit.

    Tickets created within our business hours (9am-6pm CET Mon-Fri) are usually answered within 2-3 hours. In most cases you will receive the reply via e-mail.

  7. Registered users can check the status of the processing at any time under Check ticket status.

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